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Work and Teaching


Sri Aurobindo’s work is a unique earth-transformation.




Sri Aurobindo incarnated in a human body the supramental consciousness and has not only revealed to us the nature of the path to follow and the method of following it so as to arrive at the goal, but has also by his own personal realisation given us the example; he has provided us with the proof that the thing can be done and the time is now to do it.


Never for an instant vacillate in the belief that the mighty work of change taken up by Sri Aurobindo is going to culminate in success. For that indeed is a fact: there is not a shadow of doubt as to the issue of the work we have in hand.... The transformation is going to be: nothing will ever stop it, nothing will frustrate the decree of the Omnipotent. Cast away all diffidence and weakness and resolve to endure bravely awhile before the great day arrives when the long battle turns into an everlasting victory.


We have faith in Sri Aurobindo.
He represents for us something we formulate to ourselves with words which seem to us the most exact for expressing our experience. These words are evidently the best according to us for formulating our experience.


But if, in our enthusiasm, we were convinced that they are the only appropriate words to express correctly what Sri Aurobindo is and the experience he has given us, we would become dogmatic and be on the point of founding a religion.
He who has a spiritual experience and a faith, formulates it in the most appropriate words for himself. 
But if he is convinced that this expression is the only correct and true one for this experience and faith, he becomes dogmatic and tends to create a religion.


Each one has his own idea and finds out suitable sentences from SriAurobindo’swritings to support his views. Thosewho oppose such views can also find suitable sentences from his writings. That is the way mutual opposition works. Nothing can be truly 
done until Sri Aurobindo’s total view of things is taken.

10 October 1954



In the eternity of becoming, each Avatar is only the announcer, the forerunner of a more perfect realisation. 
And yet men have always the tendency to deify the Avatar of the past in opposition to the Avatar of the future. 
Now again Sri Aurobindo has come announcing to the world the realisation of tomorrow; and again his message meets with the same opposition as of all those who preceded him. 
But tomorrow will prove the truth of what he revealed and his work will be done.

21 February 1957



The essential mistake was to have considered Sri Aurobindo’s teaching as one among the spiritual teachings—and the work done here now as one among the many aspects of the Divine works.

This has falsified your basic position and has been the cause of all the difficulties and confusions.

If this mistake is corrected in your mind and in your attitude all other difficulties will disappear easily.

You must understand that what Sri Aurobindo represents in the world’s history, is not a teaching, not even a revelation; it is a decisive action direct from the Supreme.

And I am just trying to fulfil that action.


Words of The Mother, CWM, Vol. 13, pp. 21 – 22